How to tell It’s time for a haircut. 10 Tell-tale signs it’s time to visit your hairdresser.

In the 25 years I’ve been cutting and styling hair, I’ve seen it all. I can’t even guess how many clients I’ve seen in that time but it’s in the 1000’s. I’ve listened to my clients tell me all of the reasons why they have booked a haircut and the challenges they have with their hair.

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Fin & Co is “how often should I have my hair cut?”

Should it be a regular 4-6 week pre-booked appointment? Should it be every 12 weeks?

The reality is that there’s never a set time and it depends on many factors including:

  • Hair length
  • Hair type
  • Hair condition
  • What you’re trying to achieve with your hair
  • How important great-looking hair is to you

With all this in mind, it’s my job to help you not only get the most from your hair and look your best, but also know when it’s time for a haircut. Here are the 10 tell-tale signs that it’s time to visit the salon.

1.Taking too long to blow dry

If you noticing that it’s taking an extra 10-15 mins to blow dry then it’s time for an appointment. It may be sitting ok just now but give it another week and you’ll be moaning about how long it takes.

2. Not sitting as well as it should

Hair grows at different rates on different parts of the head. It also goes through three stages of life (anagen, catagen and telogen) which mean that the sharpness of a cut will change over the weeks in between.

3. Behaving like it has a mind of its own

Very few people have perfect hair for the style they want, and after a few weeks, the hair starts to morph back into its own self. This is when it goes crazy.

4. Fuzzy along the bottom even after straightening

This may actually be a case of heat damage rather than needing a haircut. Be sure to use a protective product if you are using irons every day.

5. Flicking out when it should turn under

When your hair loses its sharpness or it’s reached the dreaded shoulder length then it will just push your hair out of its style and it will flick out.

6. Flat and lifeless

Hair generally needs layers to have volume and bounce, depending on your hair texture. Once your layers grow past the perfect length for your style, it will become harder to handle and start to look flat and lifeless.

7. Still not playing after half a tub of product

A lot of time with product – less is more. We often start to slap on more product only to find you hair has gone heavy, sticky and now needs to be re-washed before you leave the house. At this stage, it is likely your need a haircut

8. It’s just annoying you

Even hair that is long and can be tied up out of the way gets to the stage where it’s annoying. If your fringe is poking you in the eye and needs kept out of the way with a Kirby… it’s time for a haircut.

9. It’s been longer than 12 weeks

Unless your hair is uncoloured, you don’t blow-dry it or your hair isn’t a priority; 12 weeks is around the time, even if you’re growing it, the ends should be looked at.

10.  It’s about YOU, not your hair

Sometimes we just need a change, whether it’s drastic or subtle. Our journey through life can sometimes throw things at us that need action, shedding the past and moving into the future. Sometimes a whole new you is what’s needed. And even if we don’t feel it on the inside we know if we look good on the outside we have the courage to tackle what is thrown our way.

If you are nodding along in agreement with any of these signs, then it’s time for a salon visit.

And if you have any further questions you’d like me to answer, just leave a comment in the box below.

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