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I believe there is a perfect salon for everyone. I want to help you find the perfect one for you and there are hundreds to choose from in Angus alone. We are proud of the work we do in our salon and are fortunate to have a large and loyal customer base. But we’re not for everyone. There are six reasons not to visit us when looking for a new salon.


1. We only cut wet hair 

When your hair is wet I can look at your hair in its natural state and assess its density and elasticity. If you prefer a quick, dry cut then you are missing out on the full salon experience and that journey is very important to us.

2. We won’t always give you what you want

We will always provide a full consultation and help you find a style that is perfect for you. It’s great when you have a really good idea of what style you want but if we feel that your chosen style is either unsuitable for your hair type or your face shape (or it’s just not a good look) we will be honest and advise you against it.

3. We recommend hair products

We know how great it feels to leave the salon with a style you love. We also know how tricky it can be to achieve the same look at home. The tools, products and techniques we use on your hair contribute to the overall style. We are committed to sharing how we get your hair looking so amazing so you can get that great style every day.

4. We will plan your next appointment before you leave 

As a salon, we enjoy the journey our customers’ hair goes through. We don’t just care about this hair cut. We want to find out what worked for you, what you want to change next time and if you’re ready for that drastic colour change you mentioned. This relationship works best if we can get you in with your preferred stylist and we never want you to be disappointed when you call up at short notice and we can’t fit you in.

5. We won’t colour your hair without a skin test

Ever. Some people will have a reaction to hair colour and we do not under any circumstances colour your hair without a skin test.

6. We aren’t in you price range

Our prices take into account both your stylist’s experience and the time we spend making you look and feel amazing. We do not offer discounts

6 Reasons not to book with us
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