After colouring your hair the same shade for a long time, you decide to make the change to ash blonde. In my experience as a hairdresser to hundreds of clients over three decades, I know how a dramatic colour change can really make you feel ready for anything. The reasons vary: reaching a certain birthday; grey hair becomes unmanageable, a relationship breakdown or it’s just something you want to do. Good for you! There is nothing better than a full overhaul to feel amazing about yourself.

I must tell you that the reality of getting such a major change as this just right – it will take MONEY, TIME and EFFORT.

The likeliness of going from dark to ash blonde being a one step process is very slim. A standard 2-3 hour colour application will only be possible if your hair colour is light or dark blonde, or has not had colour applied before. Otherwise, you will require a colour correction service.

I have broken down how much it would cost for each stage of the colour correction service. Each salon is different and if you are concerned about the cost or time required then ask before you get started.

The cost and time to complete the colour change is dependent on two factors.

  1. The number of times your hair has been coloured. Darker hair with many applications of colour will make colour removal more difficult.
  2. The type of hair colour that has been used. E.g. Quasi or permanent colour.

These factors will determine the number of times your hair needs to be bleached/stripped of colour. The industry term for this is power washing. It costs £30 per powerwash.

Prices and times are approximate. Colour correction products work differently depending on what is already in your hair.

For a typical colour correction:


You may be fortunate enough to get the target colour in one sitting, but if your hair has been coloured many times (especially with home colours) then this may not quite be the colour you are looking for, and you will need to go through it again to get closer to achieving ash blonde. The above price is for a straight forward change you may need to do this 2 or 3 times before achieving the desired result.

Hair has limited tensile strength so we use rebonding products such as Olaplex to give your hair the strength to cope with lightening treatments but we still have to take care of the condition of your hair.

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Live Life, Love Hair.

Pam and the Fin & Co. team.

How much will it cost to lighten my hair colour to ash blonde?
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