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When we are asked to book someone in for a quick dry cut, it actually sends shivers down our spines, the reason for this is to do with the way that hair is so different when it is wet compared to when it is dry.

With over 28 years of hairdressing experience, it was a decision that wasn’t taken lightly to keep dry cuts off of our price list.

It’s our aim to ensure that to leave the salon with your ideal style, to do this we need to understand all that we can about you and your hairs needs, this is difficult to do if you have straightened curls out of it, not shampooed it for a couple of days or had it tied back in a ponytail all day.

Once your hair has been shampooed and conditioned we can see better the natural lie of the hair and what your potential problems could be, it also gives us insight as to how elastic you hair is and better to assess the true condition of your hair. We then offer advice on how to style your hair and what type of tools products and share ideas with you on how to have a different look.

For us, our aim is to give you a full and enjoyable hairdressing experience it’s important to us and if this is not for you then we are happy to recommend an alternative, honestly, we won’t be offended as it is your choice to have a dry cut, it’s just not something we do.

To us as a salon of full qualified and continually trained stylist we feel that services that we offer are much better when we get to carry them out in full here is what to expect if you book for a cut and finish.

On arrival, you will be greeted by a member of the team and given a seat either at reception or taken over into the main salon. Your stylist will then introduce themselves and so will begin the ritual of getting to know about your hair problems and expectations. moving onto the shampooing are your hair will be shampooed and conditioned with high-quality products that suit your hair and scalp type.

Your hair will then be cut wet, into the style you have agreed with your stylist, at any point it is good to ask questions, and you will be asked certain things throughout the cutting to check on lengths or issues that may crop up as we go.

Products are then chosen to suit your hair and the desired finish to the hair. If at this point you choose not to have products, this is fine, but we will offer you advice on how to maintain and upkeep it at home.

Blow-drying and finishing are important to us and we take care to ensure its how you like it at the end, we enjoy taking the time at this point so relax and enjoy.

we then check the haircut, check that it’s what we agreed and that it how you thought it would be, it’s at this point we really look at the fringe and the overall style just to make sure.

When the finishing products come out we are nearly there, shine sprays, texture pastes and sprays complete your look and your visit to us, we always offer you your next appointment because we can’t wait to find out how you got on with it.

We hope that this is what you would like from a visit to our salon and we look forward to meeting you if it is.

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Live Life, Love Hair.

Pam and the Fin & Co. team.

Cutting wet hair versus cutting dry hair
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