How often is too often when you colour your hair?

It’s great when you first have your hair coloured and it looks fresh and bright. Soon comes the question, when do I need to come back?

With any type of colour, it all depends on these main things.


Beginning of the Month


Difference of colour: Every 4-10 weeks

What do we mean by that? If your hair is a dark brown and you have it lightened to a light golden blond, we consider that 3-4 shades of difference. Your roots will be noticeable after about 3 weeks and you may want to be booking in around week 4 to get them touched up. If you have a colour which is close to your natural shade, then you are going to get longer out of it and can maybe even stretch it out to around 10 weeks. It all depends on how much it fades and if you are happy with the look of the colour.

Difference of tone: Every 4-10 weeks

If you change the tone quite dramatically?  (e.g. from your natural colour to a bright, vibrant red), then your roots will be more obvious and you may feel the need to have your roots touched up at around the 4 weeks mark. If you have simply enhanced your natural colour, then it can blend for up to around 10 weeks – even more if you are lucky.

What about bleach blond hair? Every 4 weeks.

We recommend you have your roots lightened every 3-4 weeks. This is due to the  natural heat from the head encouraging a cleaner more even blonde result. Heat will only reach the first half an inch (approx). If the hair regrowth is longer, then varying strengths of bleach need to be used to lighten to form an even result. Making the service fall more into the colour correction category than a straightforward application.

If you have a toner applied after your colour to add more vibrancy or cancel out warmth then this can be applied as often as you like, a toner should not have a strong activator in it and should enhance the condition of the hair.

There are now great products that you can use at home to help maintain coolness or vibrancy.

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Live Life, Love Hair.

Pam and the Fin & Co. team.

How often is too often when colouring your hair?
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