Amy is  like most 19-year olds – she wants to spend her money wisely. Given the choice between an expensive haircut and saving up for a holiday or a night out – Amy chose the latter. And, I can’t say I blame her, I was 19 once!

But, Amy wanted her perfect hairstyle. She wanted her hair to look like a picture she saw on Facebook. When she saw something similar on the side of a box, she was convinced to do it herself.

Amy stood in front of a long line of boxes all with pretty images on the front, and she saw the colour she really wanted.  And, her immediate thought is? Hmmmm, what’s the worst that can happen? In some ways, Amy was right. In many cases, people quite happily home colour and get good results. You may save yourself a fortune from expensive upkeep in the salon.


What if it doesn’t turn out like the box? What if it goes wrong?

Amy is an amazing person. She’s been to college and had a part time job. She decided to go back to college to do accounts. So after returning from her hols, decided that it was time to go back to blonde in time for college and get rid of her pink hair colour.

Money was tight so Amy decided that she would do it herself and armed with her £4.75 box dye  decided it was time.

It was 7.26pm on a Saturday. We received a message from Amy. She was distraught. Why? Amy’s hair didn’t match the perfect picture on the box. She shared pictures with us. We could see straight away why she was so upset.

Our reaction was,Oh dear Amy what have you done, or words to that effect

when you do a home hair colour and it doesn't quite turn out right
The first picture is what Amy sent to us in a you can see the colour has not lightened evenly and the ends are not in the best condition.

But we hate to see a damsel in distress so we invited Amy into the salon so we could have a better look at her hair. With Amy’s agreement she allowed us to share her story to highlight the dangers of home hair colour.

The problem we now faced was not knowing how the product on Amy’s hair would react to our products. On the first visit we chatted through exactly what her hair had been through. We basically shared the story of her own hair. We talked about what she really wanted her hair to look like. Starting the process, began by taking a strand test to check the strength of the hair. At the same time we carried out a skin test for allergies. One thing we made very clear, was this – we didn’t know if we could give Amy what she really wanted.  In other words – we were making no promises.

It’s important to know that with 3 different things going on with Amy’s hair, each part needs to be dealt with individually.

  1. The next stage was to lift out as much of the pink as was safe to do so. After that we lifted her root area up to get rid of the yellow orange glow. We couldn’t do anything to the ends as they were already light enough and to be honest any more lightening would have resulted in breakage.
  2. After this we applied a bonding treatment and Amy was sent home with treatment to do herself before the next stage.
  3. The next day Amy was back in the salon for a toner. And thanks to the treatment ready for the next stage.

Luckily the hair had lightened up enough to match the base we were looking for. On finishing Amy’s hair she said she was so emotional she could cry. I’m pleased to say, they were tears of joy. There is no way Amy could have fixed this herself and kept the condition of her hair.

Amy's new hair colour.
After 2 visits to the salon. Its a lengthy process but looks amazing.

Now, we’re not saying you can’t colour your hair at home, but what we are saying is make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you start. Be fully aware of what may go wrong before you make that decision. Speak to someone or seek professional advice.

Things that could go wrong.

  • Allergic reaction
  • Too light
  • Too dark
  • Orange hair
  • Patchy result
  • Hair breakage
  • Wanted highlights but looks like full head


We don’t want be your fourth emergency service. We didn’t want to be Amy’s saviour. What we really want, is for you to make an informed decision.

And, more than anything, we want to see more tears of joy and less tears of despair.

The dangers of home hair colour and what could go wrong.
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