How to get the hair I want

Many of us go through life setting goals, whether it’s at the start of a new year or because we feel life is getting out of control. But at some point we get out a notebook, or open a Word document, and start focusing on our new life.

Here are some of the many things that we tend to focus on. I have most of these on my list, for sure:

  • Losing weight
  • Getting fitter
  • Building your own home
  • Buying your dream shed
  • Mastering that new DSLR you got as a gift.

But what about HAIR GOALS?

Over the past year, the team and I have been doing a huge number of colour changes. Now I’m not talking about a hint of red or a few wee lighter bits, I’m talking this:

Colour Perfection.
How to go from dark to blond.



With all the amazing videos on how to lighten hair and have pastel unicorn rainbow hair, I bet you’re now thinking ‘Ooooh, how cool is that? I want it!’ …I know, because I love them too.

I’d love to be able to transform you in one sitting (and if we can, we will) but, depending on the colour and style, it may not be achievable overnight. We care about your hair, and sometimes these changes can take time. Colour can’t be lifted right out of the hair in one go, and although we have amazing products like Bondultim8 and Olaplex, they’re not a magic potion.

For me, first and foremost I need to ensure we maintain the integrity of the hair. Which means keeping your hair in the best condition possible; we don’t want you leaving with dry, damaged hair or – worse still – hair that’s breaking off. And believe me, it does happen.

This is why it’s important for you to set a goal, and together we can work out how you’re going to get there. Just like any other goal it could take time to get exactly what you want, but, I promise, you’ll look amazing throughout.

For more information on how to go from dark to light: Show me how.

For us, there’s nothing worse than you coming in for your usual three-hour appointment with your unicorn hair picture, only to be told that it’s not possible on the day because it will take three lightening applications and two toners (around eight hours’ work) before you can even look at the pastel chart.

So let’s set some hair goals together, and there’s no better place to start than Pinterest. Why not create your own board of dream colours and styles and we can work out how we can get you there? We’ll make a plan and make it happen. Then, if you like, we can share your ideas with other hair lovers on Facebook.

It may take a few hours in the salon – it may take a few months altogether – but if we set out to take you on that journey, we know you won’t be disappointed.

So let’s get started right here, right now – post us your dream hair for 2017. Follow me to share your hair goals


How do I get the hairstyle I want?
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