5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh

75% of us colour our hair. I bet you didn’t know that! Of that 75%, I am certain almost as many don’t know how to help keep the colour fresh and bright for as long as possible.

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Tip #1 – Shampoo

Check what kind of shampoo you are using on your hair. This will be the first thing that comes into contact with your hair after you have had your colour done. The correct shampoo plays an important part in the cycle to keeping your colour fresh and not stripping the colour out of the hair. Look for one that is specifically for coloured hair or at least is colour safe.

Tip #2 – Conditioner

Use a colour-safe conditioner and if possible, one that has a UV filter built in.This will help lock your colour in. There are specialist products on the market with colour pigments in them and these will help enhance and prolong the vibrancy of your colour.

Tip #3 – Heat protection

Remember to protect your hair from the heat of your blow-drying and styling tools. Heat will dry your hair out and leave the hair more porous, making it easier for the colour to be washed out of the hair. Using a protective spray or oil will protect the cuticle and stop the damage.

Tip #4 – Use only the heat you need

Keep the heat to a minimum. The hotter the appliance, the more damage done. Make sure tools are not whacked up to 230 degrees if it’s not needed to get the style you want.

Tip #5 – Treatment

Treat your hair with a really deep reconstructive treatment. This will help kept the colour in and also improve the condition long-term. The next time you have your hair coloured it will be in better condition and will last even longer next time. Keep this up and your colour will be looking great for weeks.

5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh
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