Top Tips For Lasting Hair Colour at Fin & Co Hair Salon in Carnoustie

You’ve left the salon and your hair is looking amazing, the best it’s been for years. It’s shiny and it’s the colour you wanted – in fact, it’s just perfect!  Two weeks later and it’s looking dull and dry, and to top it all the colour has changed! I mean, really, what is that all about? 

Why Has My Hair Colour Faded?

Your hair has faded and dried out, lost its beautiful shine, and just isn’t the same hair you left the salon with. What’s gone wrong?  A visit to Fin & Co Hair Salon in Carnoustie will sort it out!

There are many different colours out there: semi, demi, permanent bleaches and crazies. They all do a different job and they’re all suitable for different reasons. However, when your colour is first done you will also find that there are other factors you need to consider if you want to keep your hair looking amazing.

All colours will fade and change over a period of time, depending on your hair’s porosity and the type of colour used. 

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Why Is My Hair Colour Uneven? 

The porosity of your hair tells us what condition your hair is in. If hair is very porous then it will take to chemical reactions very quickly and it can sometimes end up over-processed, which can give patchy results. This happens because the cuticles, which help prevent moisture loss, are raised or sometimes missing, which means moisture is lost from your hair, causing it to feel dry and damaged, and leaving it looking frizzy.

But,  I hear you ask, what does porosity have to do with my hair colour?

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How Does Porosity Cause My Hair Colour To Fade?

Well, the more porous your hair, the more likely it is that the colour will escape from it. If you think of tiles on a roof, when some are misplaced or missing the rain and wind can quite easily get in, and heat will escape from the house.

Your hair has much the same thing going on with its cuticles – if you maintain healthy cuticles then colour will take to your hair more evenly, but the main thing is that you will help to keep the colour locked in for longer when you look after it.

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How Can I Keep My Hair Colour Looking Vibrant?

hair colour at fin & co hair salon in Carnoustie, AngusThis all comes down to the condition of your hair – the better its condition, the longer the colour will stay in. We also need to think about your products. We all need shampoo and conditioner, right? So make sure it’s a colour-safe product or, better still, one especially for coloured hair.

However, your hair may also benefit from added moisture or strength, so you should give it a treatment once a week.

A bonding treatment is a great idea for coloured hair, as it is designed to help strengthen the bonds in the hair, closing the gaps in the weak or missing cuticles that prevent the colour from ‘sticking’. A bonding treatment is good for all hair types, as it provides hydration to moisturise dried-out hair and protein to strengthen weak, damaged hair. If you are unsure of the best product for your hair, then please ask your stylist, as picking the wrong product could cause more problems.

Another brilliant way to keep condition and prolong your hair colour is to use one of the many products on the market for colour enhancing. There are products to keep your blonde icy cool and prevent the yellow or orange tones from creeping back in. We use Matrix Brass Off, which has a blue pigment, or Matrix So Silver, which has a violet pigment. These will cool down your colour, and the masque will restore condition.

Another option is evo Fabuloso, which is a true safe, semi-permanent colour for any shade, designed to liven up either natural shades or coloured hair. You can buy this off the shelf in colours such as beige, mahogany, reds and coppers, or you can have a  bespoke product created to match your actual colour. How cool is that?

The long and short of it is the better the condition of your hair the longer your colour will last, so be kinder to your hair and it will love you right back!

How To Make Your Colour Last Longer
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