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Fin & Co Hair Salon in Carnoustie Test the Best Purple Shampoos

Best Purple Shampoos Carnousite Hair Salon
So you’ve just left the salon and your newly coloured blonde hair looks amazing. It’s cool, fresh, bold and vibrant.  

A couple of weeks later you’re noticing that your beautiful colour is fading and you’re starting to see the dreaded yellow tones. What is happening?

You talk to your stylist ( and I must confess this is a question that we get asked a lot at our hair salon in Carnoustie), you go online in search of information and you find out about purple and silver shampoos.


What is purple shampoo?

Simply put, purple shampoo is just that: a shampoo with strong violet toning pigment that helps you keep unwanted yellows and brassy tones under control.  It’s your ‘at home’ tonerSilver shampoo works in exactly the same way.

Great! Problem solved!

Which purple shampoo is best for my hair?natulique blue silver shampoos tested at top Carnoustie Hair Salon resized

So you go back online, only to find out that there are so many purple and silver shampoos on the market. Which one will you choose?

To find out the differences between various brands, we’ve decided to run a little experiment in the salon.

We have tested four different brands that are meant to help you maintain your blonde and keep it cool and clean between salon visits: Natulique (our organic, vegan friendly brand that we currently use in the salon), the  Matrix line (Brass off Mask, Brass off Shampoo, So Silver shampoo), Lush Daddy-O Shampoo and L’Oreal Paris Elvive Purple Shampoo.

What we found out was quite interesting.  

The Matrix product did exactly what the label said and got rid of the yellow tones.

 The Natulique line went the extra mile, by neutralising the yellow and orange tones from the hair, while conditioning, nourishing, softening and adding shine.  Also, when used on grey hair, it added a beautiful silvery brightness. We all know grey hair can appear quite matt looking. 

The other two products took us by surprise as they added colour rather than neutralising the brassy tones. The Daddy-o shampoo gave the hair a pink hue, the Elvive  purple shampoo added a blue, steel like tone, and chances are these tones would only intensify with regular use.

Blue Purple Shampoos tested at top Carnoustine Hair Salon Fin Co resized


Conclusion: Which purple shampoo is the best?

The answer is : It depends!  

It depends on many things:  how much do you want to spend, do you have a preference for certain brands, do you care about your health and using certified organic ingredients, and ultimately it depends on what your expectations are in regards to the product.  You may even like pink or blue hair, but not when it comes as a surprise.  Personally, although I may enjoy surprises, I certainly don’t welcome them when it comes to my hair.

Have you tried any purple or blue hair products? What were the results? We would love to know!   You can send us a message via our Contact page.

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What is the Best Purple Shampoo?
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