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Should I Switch to Ammonia Free Hair Colour?  Advice from Fin & Co Hair Salon in Carnoustie

Ammonia is a common ingredient in hair dyes, traditionally used to make them work correctly and take on the new colour.   Nowadays, however, there is growing interest in the benefits of ammonia-free hair colour.   So what is the role of ammonia in hair colouring and should you go ammonia free?  In this article the hair colour experts from Fin & Co will answer your questions and help you decide. 

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Why is ammonia traditionally used in hair colour?  

Ammonia is an alkaline chemical, used during the colouring process to raise the pH level of the hair.   This lifts the cuticles of the individual hair fibres, allowing the dye to be deposited onto the the inner part of the hair, called the cortex.  Ammonia is also used in the oxidation process to lighten the hair’s natural colour so that the new colour will take.

Why choose ammonia-free hair dye?

Ammonia works well in the hair colouring process but it’s a harsh and corrosive chemical that can damage the hair as well as causing allergic reactions.  Although we can offer treatments to maintain the condition of your hair, when not handled correctly, ammonia can deplete the hair of moisture and cause long term damage to the hair follicle.   If you have sensitive skin it’s definitely best avoided.   Luckily at Fin & Co we have a range of gentle, natural hair colour from Natulique for you to choose from.

Are no-ammonia hair colours effective?

timeless collection 24When ammonia-free hair colours were first developed over a decade ago, clients tended to find that their colour faded more quickly because it was not fully infused into the hair’s cortex.   Since that time, however, technology has developed and we are now able to offer fully permanent ammonia-free hair colour from Natulique.  

Natulique Natural Colours is an innovative, natural based permanent colouring system.  It offers outstanding results with certified organic ingredients, 98.02% of which are derived from natural sources.  The colours contain a wide range of traditional, natural ingredients, used to protect your hair and scalp during the colouring process.  These include grapeseed, olive, jojoba and sunflower oils and wheat proteins amongst many others.   These ingredients are combined to ensure lasting coverage and results.


What are the benefits of ammonia-free hair colouring?

There are a number of reasons why no-ammonia hair colouring is gaining such a following around the world:

1.    Gentle hair colouring

We are all becoming more aware of the chemicals we use on our bodies and ammonia-free hair colouring is an extra gentle choice.  It will keep your hair and scalp in great condition whilst still delivering outstanding results.  This is especially important if you have sensitive skin or if your hair has been damaged by previous over-processing.

Please Note:  Although our Natulique range is gentle, we will still require you to have a quick allergy patch test before colouring yoru hair to check for any sensitivity to the ingredients.

2.  Odour-free hair colouring

One of the main things you may notice about ammonia is its eye-watering smell!  Choosing a no-ammonia range will make the hair dying process more pleasant, both you and your hairdresser.  The chemical fumes from ammonia have also been known to trigger asthma, so that’s another reason to choose a gentler, more pleasant smelling range.

3.  Protect your hair’s condition and shine

No-ammonia hair colour delivers hair that is softer, smoother and healthier, thanks to the nourishing natural ingredients.  Natulique Ammonia Free Developers, used during the hair colouring process, contain a high level of lanolin.  This traditional natural ingredient protects the hair during the colour process and ensures that the level of moisture in the hair is significantly increased compared to other hair colour processes.  This prevents dryness and prolongs the life of your colour.

4.   Effective, natural-looking hair colouring

Natural looking hair colouring is a major hair trend, and our Natulique range includes 73 fabulous shades. The range offers endless options for natural looking colour blending and the latest balayage techniques.  Book a hair colour consultation to find out how we can transform your look.

5.   100% Grey Coverage

Natulique is a gentle permanent hair colour that really delivers.  It offers an ideal solution for subtly covering any unwanted white or grey hairs. 

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Ammonia Free Hair Colour
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