Our amazing team

It’s an amazing thing when you find the perfect hairstyle. In the 28 years I’ve been hairdressing its THE most satisfying thing in the world to see you react in a way shows just how happy you are with your new style.

All of the team at Fin & Co are here for the same reason to help you find your perfect style, and stop you from ever having another bad hair day, to do

this we feel that it is important for you to get to know your stylist a little before booking in.

We are all drawn towards different people for different reasons and we would like you to be with the best person suited for your hair so please take a little bit of time to get to know the team.

And if you would like to come into the salon to meet

us in person before your first appointment then we love that too. We offer a free consultation where we can get to know you a bit better and take care of anything, like skin testing or strand tests.

We hope you find the stylist best suited for you and if you need any other advice on choosing then go right ahead and contact us.

Photo of Pamela Laird - Owner of Fin & Co hair salon in Carnoustie


Creative Stylist / Salon Owner

At the age of 15 Pam knew that hairdressing was going to be her life’s passion. Finding your perfect style and colour is high on her priority list and with over 25 years of experience she can guide you through the hair challenges you might be facing.

If that wasn’t enough, she decided she would like to work with like-minded people in a salon that would be a joy to work in. So she opened Fin & Co in 2005.

Short hair cuts.
Colour perfection.
Growing out your grey.

Photo of Hazel, senior stylist at Fin & Co hair salon in Carnoustie


Senior Stylist

After years of working in jobs that gave little or no emotional satisfaction Hazel took the huge leap of going back to college to become a hairdresser. After 2 years at college she joined our team and has become a hugely valued member of the Fin & Co. Family.

Hazel is very patient, caring and operates to an exceptionally high standard,

Short to mid length hair.
Colouring in various forms.

Photo of Leona, senior stylist at Fin & Co hair salon in Carnoustie


Senior Stylist

Leona started off her working life as a dance instructor, a passion she had had since a child. But as if that wasn’t enough she decided that hairdressing was also a passion that she needed to embrace – so back to college she went.

Hard working and full of fun, Leona has a great imagination to take your hair to the next level.

Long hair work.
Balayage and Ombre.

Photo of Ashleigh, stylist at Fin & Co hair salon in Carnoustie



On leaving school Ashleigh couldn’t choose between being a graphic designer and a hairdresser, lucky for us she chose the latter. Over the years, Ashleigh has learned and developed her own style of hairdressing. With a patience that exceeds others, she will give what it takes to make your style something you can be proud of.

A pleasant, softly spoken person, Ashleigh will take the time to get to know you and understand exactly what you want.

• Blowdrying and Styling.

Photo of Angela, stylist at Fin & Co hair salon in Carnoustie


Creative Stylist

On leaving school Angela was drawn towards hairdressing, with a passion for creating beautiful hair, and tailoring your hair to suit your lifestyle and personality. With over 27 years experience she loves to adapt and what she know to fit with your needs. She is a great teacher and explains her thoughts and ideas at a level you will understand.

Angela is very honest and open to new ideas, she cares that you have the style that best suits you

• Styling

Photo of Kelsie, stylist at Fin & Co hair salon in Carnoustie



Kelsie always knew that she wanted to be a hairdresser. She went to college to begin her journey and at the same time she started with us as a Saturday girl. Just as the time came for her to change up a year at college we were able to offer her a full time position as a trainee. From there, she has grown in confidence and understanding of hairdressing and has became a great asset to the Fin & Co. team.

Long hair cutting and styling.
Full head colour.
Kids cuts.


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