Is your hair feeling dull, looking lifeless and becoming unmanageable?

Maybe it’s time to go deeper than just using shampoo and conditioner?

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Treatments come in various forms. From oils and creams to powders and lotions. Some use heat and some don’t. They share one thing in common though – they work at a deeper level than your shampoo and conditioner, giving you a longer lasting repair.

The two main things we can achieve with any treatment is to add protein to strengthen your hair or moisture to rehydrate it. Hair should stretch like an elastic band but also pull back to its original length without being damaged or breaking.

It took us two years to find Kebelo, which really is an amazing product. It gives you up to 100 days of frizz free hair, at a great price. Researching the options that are available is one of the “hair geek” things that get us excited. We’ll never stop searching for alternatives and better ways of doing what we do, because, when it comes to treatment products we don’t believe you should settle for second best.

After years of using various products we feel that our range are at the top of the repair chain. Whether it’s a longer lasting anti-frizz treatment your looking for or instant shine, we’ve got the products and the skills to fix your hair.

With a wide range of treatment products on offer, it can be difficult to select the best tools for the job. But we’re confident we’ve got the right balance of Hair Treatment products for any situation.

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Short £109
Mid £117
Long £129
Extra long thick £10

Includes take home pack worth £39.99

Epress £5.00
Fabuloso £7.50
Moisture £10.00
Strengthen £15.00
At home too £22.00
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